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Choosing a Program

Confused about which rehab program is the best choice for you? I can help you answer question like:

Which facilities get the best results for patients with my condition?

Should I do residential or intensive outpatient rehab?

Should I go to a local rehab or go out of town?

How do I get the time off of work? What are my rights?

Can I get into a rehab facility today?

Eric really listened.  He helped me find a program that specialized in my addiction, and had a treatment philosophy that made worked with my personality.  It worked.  I have been clean 28 months.

— Joe Pascal —




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We help you navigate insurance. We know which rehab center your insurance will pay for, and how to avoid out of pocket expenses.

Will my insurance cover rehab?


Will my insurance cover out-of-state treatment in Florida or California?

How do I get the time off of work? What are my rights?

Is it too late to use obamacare to pay for rehab?


I didn’t think I could afford to try rehab again, but Eric showed me where to go with my insurance so there was no out of pocket.  Eric got me a second chance.

— Michael Levine —

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About Eric

Eric personally struggled with addiction for over a decade so he understands the heart wrenching process that patients and their families face when attempting to deal with an addiction.

Eric understands how important it is to find the right rehab center to deal with an individual’s needs.  He has made it his life’s work and passion to assist others in moving past their addiction issues.

He individually counsels both the patient and their families on a range of issues – everything from getting a loved one to embrace rehab to finding a center that is covered by insurance.  Very few people understand the options the way Eric does because he has been there and truly cares about the end goal – lasting recovery.

Eric loves helping people reclaim their life , his passion for fighting addiction and his extensive experience managing cases makes him the ideal person to aid people on their road to recovery.


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